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12V 2 Ch Mini Digital Audio Power Amplifier Amp For Hi Fi MP3 Car

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12V 2 Ch Mini Digital Audio Power Amplifier


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Among the many major features for these amplifiers is the with colorful led of volume button charming red case. Other highlights include dc input power: 12v (2-4)a max and r. m. s power: 2x4w. The amplifier is 3.54" Height x 4.33" Length x 1.97" Width. It weighs around 0.44 lbs. Buying the 12V 2 Ch Mini Digital Audio Power Amplifier. To learn more about this amplifier, check out the shopping cart link on this site.

With Colorful LED of Volume button,Charming Red case. Output Power: 100W + 100W R. M. S Power: 2x4W R. M. S Power: < 0. 5lb) Dimensions:SIZE : 10x7x4 (CM) THD: < 0. 1% atl KHz DC Input Power: 12V (2-4) A Max Input Sensitivity: 200mv Input Impedance: 47K Speaker Impedance: 4ohm to 16ohm Frequency Reponse: 20Hz to 20KHz Min. 005% Signal ise Ratio: > 70d B RCA Input for MP3 LED light for Volume Control Twin Power IC Chips Aluminum Case Weight: 216g (.


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