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Boss Audio R1100M Mosfet Monoblock Power Amplifier With Remote Subwoofer Level Control

4 Stars
Audio R1100M Mosfet Monoblock Power Amplifier


Color: Black
Package Quantity: 1

This woofer is in high demand and is seeing all time record on-line gross sales. Blast the volume within your car to the Audio R1100M Mosfet Monoblock Power Amplifier in black made by Boss Audio! R1100M is the manufacturer's number for this product. These woofers is available in black. The features are mosfet monoblock power amplifier, rms power @ 4 ohms: 250 watts, remote subwoofer level control included and max power @ 2 ohms: 1100 watts. The bass is 3.94" Height x 13" Length x 12.6" Width. It weighs around 4.76 lbs. The subwoofer comes with a warranty of one year supplied by the manufacturer. Great deal on Audio R1100M Mosfet in black. To take advantage of the discount I found, check out our partners via the link.

Your first view with the RIOT Series may deceive you. Perhaps the only thing more substantial than the attributes showcased will be the enjoyment you'll derive from them. This is only a single reason BOSS Audio has led the way in 12 Volt Entertainment for almost a quarter of a Century. From this point on, however, its power and reproductive authenticities will be anything but minimal. The elegant lines are a textbook physical exercise in minimalist design.


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