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Hifonics ZRX600. 4 Car Amplifier

5 Stars
ZRX600 4 Car Amplifier

Maxxsonics USA, Inc.

Package Quantity: 1

I really believe you will like that the product offers this feature, pwm power supply rca inputs/outputs and built-in system diagnostics. Other features include things like high speed mosfet output devices. The amplifier dimensions are 2.4" Height x 13.62" Length x 10" Width. To find the best price for this product along with other audio amplifiers, click on the shopping cart link on this page.

Hifonics Zeus series amplifiers. The key feature for these amplifiers may be the vertical fin heat-sink. Zeus amplifiers utilize the most recent in Hifonics exclusive technologies with Ultra-Fi MOSFET output devices, responsible for decreasing distortion and making high fidelity. 4 +1K model. With the new vertical fin heat-sink design these amplifiers have better heat dissipation and for that reason run more effective resulting in less impact on a automobiles battery and charging system than a lot of other amps available today. Translated into cost, that Í s much more wattage output with less battery current used, equaling more watts per dollar. This 5 channel amplifier provides 2 channel, 4 channel, and Super D mono-block performance. This series also includes the ZXi60. With Ultra-Fi, Zeus differential inputs combat electrical interference and noise in the pre-amp sections RCA inputs. As a result, this high-speed Ultra-Fi circuitry delivers the cleanest and widest bandwidth possible in a mobile amplifier system. Designed to complement the Brutus D-Class line, this series has a newly designed, ultra-cool vertical fin heat-dissipating design. This one specific amplifier is capable of powering an whole system including four speakers as well as a subwoofer! For someone looking for ease of installation and space-savings, this is this amplifier of choice. Rather than bridging two amplifiers, which takes up additional space, this 1 does it all. The outstanding line of Zeus amplifiers includes one 2-channel, 3 4-channel, and 1 5 channel amplifier.


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